Open CFPs


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10am Arrival
10:15am Welcome (Slides to follow) Introduce the team and Code of Conduct
10:30am Advice video #1: CFP Advice from Raquel Velez and Sarah Mei (20 mins)
10:50am Mentors work with groups of attendees to help figure out what they want to speak about
11:10am Proposal Writing
11:30am Crafting Your Bio: By Danielle Barnes from @WomenTalkDesign (6 mins)
We're hoping this will be a collabrative activity.
People don't like writing about themselves. Ask attendees to pair up and interview each other, then put together a bio for your pair.
Once that is done, if folks are comfortable, attendees can present/introduce their pair to the group with their new bio!
1:15pm Caring for your audience
1:45pm Advice video #2: Your perfect tech talk from Saron Yitbarek (Section 2.11 to 18.30, don't need to go beyond 18.30)
2:00pm Proposal Writing + feedback with mentors
2:30pm Advice video: The Art of Slide Design by Melinda Seckington (19 mins)
2:50pm Proposal Writing + feedback with mentors
3:15pm Advice video #3: Jessica Rose: The day of your talk (14 mins)
3:30pm Attendees present their talk proposal
3:45pm Family Photo and Close
Open CFPs