Brighton, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

11:00 AM till 15:00 PM February 3rd 2018

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68 Middle Street

Workshop Information

Rough schedule:

11am Arrival .
11:15am Welcome: Jeremy will introduce the team and why are they here and explain format of workshop .
11:30am Advice video #1: CFP Advice from Raquel Velez and Sarah Mei .
11:50am Mentors work with groups of attendees to help figure out what they want to speak about .
12:10pm Proposal Writing .
12:30pm Video: Crafting Your Bio: By Danielle Barnes from @WomenTalkDesign .
1pm LUNCH BREAK - food will be provided, please inform us of any dietary requirements .
1:30pm Inclusive Language Activity .
1:45pm Advice video #2: Your perfect tech talk from Saron Yitbarek .
2:00pm Proposal Writing + feedback with mentors .
2:30pm Advice video: The Art of Slide Design by Melinda Seckington .
2:50pm Proposal Writing + feedback with mentors .
2:15pm Advice video #3: Jessica Rose: The day of your talk .
2:30pm Attendees present their talk proposal (purely optional) .
3:00pm End of Day: Say Goodbye





Access Information

Getting to the venue

Public Transport

Is there a public transportation stop near the venue? Yes


Buses stop at Churchill Square, a 7 minute walk from the venue.
Brighton train station is an 11 minute walk.

Are public transportation stops accessible to people using mobility devices? Yes


Brighton & Hove buses provide the following information:

Are public transportation stops accessible to people using service animals? Yes


Buses welcome service animals

Are public transportation stops accessible to people who are sight impaired? Yes


Additional information can be found here:

Is the area around the venue safe and well-lit? Yes


How close is parking to the venue?

The Lanes car park, Black Lion Street, 0.2 miles, a 3 minute walk

Are there costs associated with parking?

Up to £20 for 9 hours:

Is the parking lot well-lit? Yes

Is the parking lot gated? Yes


Gated and also only people with parking tickets can access the building (so keep your ticket on your person).

Is the parking lot guarded? Yes

Accessing the venue

Is there any building security? Yes

What is the process for entering?

Buzz the bar button on intercom.

Are there steps going into the building or space?

One steep step into entrance, ramp can be provided.

Are there ramps or elevators?

Venue room is on ground floor

Are elevator buttons of an appropriate height for wheelchair users to reach?


Is there affordable childcare at or near the venue?

Children are welcome but with parental supervision. If you'd like to bring your baby/child, do let us know and we can try to provide appropriate equipment.

The Venue

Is there a quiet room? Yes


a meeting room separate to the main workshop room

Is there a nursing room for mothers with a newborn? Yes


yes, though it is the same room as the quiet room.

Is the venue safe for small children? Yes


yes with parental supervision

Is the space easily navigable for people using mobility devices or service animals? Yes


On the ground floor so no steps beyond the front door where a ramp is provided.

Do chairs in the venue have arms? Yes


The chairs in the main workshop room do not have arms. There are chairs in the bar area that do have arms.

Are food and (non-alcoholic) drinks allowed in the space? Yes


Refreshments will be provided and dietary requirements catered for (with prior notice) but you are also welcome to bring your own.

How many bathrooms (both single and multiple occupancy) are available?


How many handicap stalls or single-occupancy bathrooms are there?


How many gender-neutral bathrooms are available? If none is it possible to make some gender-neutral?


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