Oslo, Norway

10:00 AM till 14:00 PM January 18th 2020

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Microsoft Norway
Dronning Eufemias gate 71
2nd floor

Workshop Information

Have you always wanted to become a tech conference speaker? Are you a member of an underrepresented or marginalised group? Just new to tech speaking and want to get some inspiration and practical advice? Microsoft Norway sponsors and hosts 2020's edition of the Global Diversity CFP Day in Oslo. Join us on Saturday, January 18th and have your first technical talk at the conference this year!

There will be a number of conferences with their CFP information available for you to apply to while you are attending the workshop. Further to this we'll also be covering a host of aspects of your speaking journey once your proposal has been accepted.

We also look for mentors who could share their experience with making the way on the stage.


10:00 Doors open

10:15 Welcome Word - introducing the team and Code of Conduct

10:20 Advice video #1: CFP Advice from Raquel Velez and Sarah Mei (20 min)

10:40 Working session #1: What should I speak about?

11:00 Advice video #2: Crafting Your Bio: By Danielle Barnes from @WomenTalkDesign

11:10 Working session: Proposal Writing

11:30 Lunch: we serve pizza!

12:00 Advice video #3: Your perfect tech talk from Saron Yitbarek

12:15 Working session: Caring for your audience

12:35 Advice video #4: The Art of Slide Design by Melinda Seckington

12:55 Attendees present their talk proposal

13:15 Advice video #5: Jessica Rose: The day of your talk

13:30 Family Photo and Closing words

We can't wait to meet you on Saturday, January 18th in Microsoft Norway office!







Access Information

Getting to the venue

Public Transport

Is there a public transportation stop near the venue? Yes


We want to promote sustainable commuting as one small contribution to give a healthy planet on to the next generation and live up to the regulations set by Norwegian authorities.

There are over 450 parking spots for bikes in the basement. Using your bike to work is good both for the environment and for your health. In addition, you can find a bike shower and a shelf if you want to charge your electric bike.

There are bus stops within walking distance from the office. The stop Bjørvika and Ladegården are both reachable in under 5 minutes.

Tram 18 and 19 will pass Eufemia in the tram trace, which is in the middle of Dronning Eufemias gate (which translates to Queen Eufemia’s street). The tram trace is not completed and will probably not be completed until the new railway line is finished.

Eufemia is located approximately 11 minutes’ walk from Oslo Central Station. If you grab a coffee on the way, testing shows that 13 minutes should cover the time needed to get to the office from the Central Station. You will also find the express airport train there.

There is a parking lot available 10 minutes walk from Eufemia.
Grønlands Torg P-hus APCOA
Smalgangen 13, 0188 Oslo

Are public transportation stops accessible to people using mobility devices? Yes

Are public transportation stops accessible to people using service animals? Yes

Are public transportation stops accessible to people who are sight impaired? Yes

Is the area around the venue safe and well-lit? Yes


How close is parking to the venue?

Are there costs associated with parking?

Is the parking lot well-lit? No

Is the parking lot gated? No

Is the parking lot guarded? No

Accessing the venue

Is there any building security? Yes

What is the process for entering?

Please use the side (not main) entrance to the building. Call 90170176 if the door is locked.

Are there steps going into the building or space?

Are there ramps or elevators?

Are elevator buttons of an appropriate height for wheelchair users to reach?

Is there affordable childcare at or near the venue?

The Venue

Is there a quiet room? Yes

Is there a nursing room for parents with a newborn? No

Is the venue safe for small children? Yes

Is the space easily navigable for people using mobility devices or service animals? Yes

Do chairs in the venue have arms? Yes

Are food and (non-alcoholic) drinks allowed in the space? Yes

How many bathrooms (both single and multiple occupancy) are available?


How many wheelchair accessible stalls are there?


How many gender-neutral bathrooms are available?


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