Perth, Australia

10:00 AM till 16:00 PM January 18th 2020

Workshop Information

Interested in giving a talk at a local meetup or submitting to an upcoming conference like DDDPerth?

Come along and brainstorm different presentation topics and put together an abstract to submit.


Access Information

Getting to the venue

Public Transport

Is there a public transportation stop near the venue? Yes

Are public transportation stops accessible to people using mobility devices? Yes

Are public transportation stops accessible to people using service animals? Yes

Are public transportation stops accessible to people who are sight impaired? Yes

Is the area around the venue safe and well-lit? Yes


How close is parking to the venue?

Are there costs associated with parking?

Is the parking lot well-lit? Yes

Is the parking lot gated? Yes

Is the parking lot guarded? No

Accessing the venue

Is there any building security? Yes

What is the process for entering?

Are there steps going into the building or space?

Are there ramps or elevators?

Are elevator buttons of an appropriate height for wheelchair users to reach?

Is there affordable childcare at or near the venue?

The Venue

Is there a quiet room? Yes


Break-out spaces available

Is there a nursing room for parents with a newborn? Yes


Private rooms are available if required

Is the venue safe for small children? Yes


Should small children be with us, they must stay in the same room as us.

Is the space easily navigable for people using mobility devices or service animals? No


All doors are access controlled, requiring a card to enter or exit. The doors are quite heavy.
The space is easily navigable for service animals.

Do chairs in the venue have arms? No

Are food and (non-alcoholic) drinks allowed in the space? Yes


Snacks will be provided (dietary requirements requested when booking), as well as tea and coffee
BYO food and drinks also allowed.
Microwaves available on site.
Fridges available on site.
Hot Water, Cold filtered water available on site.

How many bathrooms (both single and multiple occupancy) are available?


How many wheelchair accessible stalls are there?


How many gender-neutral bathrooms are available?