Pittsburgh, PA, United States of America

12:00 PM till 16:00 PM January 18th 2020

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Pittsburgh Code & Supply Co.
5648 Friendship Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Workshop Information

Global Diversity CFP* Day is an international event designed to help underrepresented folks in tech get on stage at events. This year we're bringing the event to Pittsburgh!

Ever wanted to speak in public but not sure how to get started? Ever wished that tech events were more diverse and think you should be a part of it? Then this event is for you!

Speaking at conferences, meetups, and other events can boost your career, inspire innovation in your company, and even spur your entire field forward. It’s also a great way to deepen your expertise, gain confidence, and help new engineers or designers grow. But it’s scary to hit send on that first proposal—especially when you’re not used to seeing people like you on stage.

We'll provide:
- an overview of the logistics and mechanics of choosing your topic
- crafting a proposal
- describing yourself and writing a bio
- giving a dynamic talk
- some current conference CFPs that are open

There will be break out sessions to work on your own materials and gather feedback from peers and mentors. We'll end the day with a group discussion of key topics and some casual networking.

We'll have experienced mentors on hand to answer questions, provide personalized feedback, and help all feel welcome.

We value the diversity and inclusion of underrepresented and marginalized people in tech. Before signing up, please take a moment to read the event's Code of Conduct as well as Code & Supply's Code of Conduct.
- https://www.globaldiversitycfpday.com/code-of-conduct
- https://codeandsupply.co/policies/conduct

* CFP is call for proposals, a request from an event or conference to ask speakers to propose their talks.



Access Information

Getting to the venue

Public Transport

Is there a public transportation stop near the venue? Yes


We're within 2-4 blocks of the following nearby stops:
74, 89: Baum Blvd at Beatty St
82, 86: Beatty St at Baum Blvd or Centre Ave at S Euclid Ave or Beatty St at Baum Blvd NS
71A, 71C, 77: Negley Ave at Friendship Ave
87: Friendship Ave at Negley Ave

Are public transportation stops accessible to people using mobility devices? No

Are public transportation stops accessible to people using service animals? No

Are public transportation stops accessible to people who are sight impaired? No

Is the area around the venue safe and well-lit? Yes


Both the front and back entrances are lit by street or parking lot lighting.


How close is parking to the venue?

There is a parking lot behind the building and parking along the streets around the building.

Are there costs associated with parking?

Street parking may have a cost. Check for parking meter kiosks or use the GoMobile PGH app.

Is the parking lot well-lit? Yes


Both the front and back entrances are lit by street or parking lot lighting.

Is the parking lot gated? No

Is the parking lot guarded? No

Accessing the venue

Is there any building security? Yes

What is the process for entering?

The building has secure doors which we will have unlocked during the duration of the event. We have security cameras as well as people by the doors guiding people in.

Are there steps going into the building or space?

Yes. It is on the third floor, but there is an elevator inside the back door (off of the parking lot) and stairs inside the front door (off of the street).

Are there ramps or elevators?

Yes, both in the back door off of the parking lot

Are elevator buttons of an appropriate height for wheelchair users to reach?


Is there affordable childcare at or near the venue?

The Venue

Is there a quiet room? Yes


We have multiple call rooms and meeting rooms that someone can go to if need be.

Is there a nursing room for parents with a newborn? Yes


We have two restrooms but also a private call room.

Is the venue safe for small children? Yes

Is the space easily navigable for people using mobility devices or service animals? Yes

Do chairs in the venue have arms? Yes


Some do and some don't. People can be accomodated either way.

Are food and (non-alcoholic) drinks allowed in the space? Yes

How many bathrooms (both single and multiple occupancy) are available?


How many wheelchair accessible stalls are there?


How many gender-neutral bathrooms are available?


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