Munich, Germany

10:00 AM till 16:00 PM January 18th 2020

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Microsoft GmbH
Walter-Gropius-Str. 5
80807 München

Workshop Information

Accessibility Statement

Our venue partner Microsoft is committed to providing an inclusive, accessible experience for all guests, partners, attendees and speakers of the event “Global Diversity CfP Day 2020 - Munich”.
Your participation – what to expect.

• Used language depends on audience. If there is not one common language for all participants and the speaker(s), English will be the fallback.
• We’re offering live captions through Presentation Translator. Expect this to be a non-flawless solution, as it’s based on AI and Machine Learning. But it’s constantly improving with usage.
• The event is fully catered with food. We declare vegan and vegetarian options.
• Drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks, water) will be available at all times.
• Registered or open Wi-Fi will be available throughout the time of your stay.
• The event space (including stages, restrooms and retreat areas) is accessible for wheelchair use. You will mostly find flat floor layout, partially ramp use may be required. The atrium stage in Munich headquarters is not accessible for wheelchair use.
• Anyone with mobility, hearing or vision issues can reserve a front-row seat without justification.
• Restrooms are multi-stall and gender neutral for the time of the event. Wheelchair accessible gender-neutral restrooms are available.
• Service animals are welcome.
• We have a Media Policy in place with lanyards indicating the level of comfort attendees have with being photographed or recorded.
• Speakers are advised to avoid using epilepsy-inducing videos and animations.

If you’re in need of any assistance or have questions, do not hesitate to contact the organising team. We’d love to have you with us.
















Access Information

Getting to the venue

Public Transport

Is there a public transportation stop near the venue? Yes


Closest U-Bahn station (mobility device accessible) is U6 Nordfriedhof.

Are public transportation stops accessible to people using mobility devices? Yes

Are public transportation stops accessible to people using service animals? Yes

Are public transportation stops accessible to people who are sight impaired? Yes

Is the area around the venue safe and well-lit? Yes


How close is parking to the venue?


Are there costs associated with parking?


Is the parking lot well-lit? Yes

Is the parking lot gated? Yes


Please ring the bell (Microsoft) for access to the parking lot. Exiting from the parking lot is possible at any time without assistance.

Is the parking lot guarded? No

Accessing the venue

Is there any building security? Yes

What is the process for entering?

Please collect your name badge at the event reception desk.

Are there steps going into the building or space?


Are there ramps or elevators?

no (not required for access to the venue)

Are elevator buttons of an appropriate height for wheelchair users to reach?


Is there affordable childcare at or near the venue?

not yet

The Venue

Is there a quiet room? Yes

Is there a nursing room for parents with a newborn? Yes

Is the venue safe for small children? No

Is the space easily navigable for people using mobility devices or service animals? Yes

Do chairs in the venue have arms? No

Are food and (non-alcoholic) drinks allowed in the space? Yes

How many bathrooms (both single and multiple occupancy) are available?


How many wheelchair accessible stalls are there?


How many gender-neutral bathrooms are available?


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